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Learn more about Jaeli

An industry with more than 20 years of excellence.


We offer innovative solutions for people of high standards, with excellence, thanks to our qualified team.


To be among the fastest growing brands in the furniture sector.


Honesty, transparency, focus, competence and innovation.

Our company started in June 2000. Since then, we have been constantly evolving to deliver your dream spaces.


The Jaeli Group is present nation-wide, as well as in key countries abroad.


At the moment

Our innovative solutions are created in our 100,000 square feet facilities. We study and follow the evolution of the market, constantly talking with our partners and suppliers, to offer special products and services to each client.


2012 - Destaque Gaucho Award

In 2012, our company was awarded the Destaque Gaucho Award, putting itself atop in the manufacture of serial and custom-made products. The event is considered one of the most important business awards in Rio Grande do Sul.

2013 - MOVERGS Excellence Award

In 2013, Jaeli received the MOVERGS Excellence Award, which highlights companies that synthesize the representativeness of the Rio Grande do Sul furniture sector. It is the most important award given to furniture industries in RS and takes into account the annual growth in revenue and the average productivity per employee. 

Jaeli produces a complete line of customized furniture spaces, featuring kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, home theaters, laundry room spaces, and corporate spaces, in addition to its high output of serial-manufactured furniture. Great quality products, which stand out for their design and beauty, as well as their sizing, excellence in details, and exquisite finishes.

Our products

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